Texting/SMS Attendance Reporting Assistance FAQ

How do I report my attendance via text message?

In order to receive credit you must text the session code to the number 336-793-9317 during the session. You have from 10 minutes before the scheduled session start time until 5 minutes after the scheduled session end time to send the code.

If I was not able to send the code within the allotted time frame can I still get credit?

Every effort should be given to text during the allotted time. For RSS activities, you can contact your department coordinator. For all other activities, contact Northwest AHEC, 336-713-7700, to request to be added to the roster if you attended the session and were unable to text the code on time.

How do I obtain the session code?

Each session is assigned a unique 5-character code, which should be provided during the session. The code is not case sensitive.

How do I update my cell phone number?

You must link your cell phone number to your AHEC profile in order to report your attendance via text/SMS. To update your phone number sign in or create an AHEC account and verify your cell phone number here (nwahec.org/elite/profile).

If you have texted your attendance and have not provided your cell phone number in your profile, a text notification will be sent weekly for 30 days from the date of the session reminding you to link your cell number to your account profile (nwahec.org/elite/profile).

What if I receive an error after texting the session code?

If you have followed the above instructions and continue to receive an error when registering your attendance, contact lehoward@wakehealth.edu for technical assistance.

How do I get a report of my attendance/credit.

To get a printable report go to http://nwahec.org/courses-and-events/cpd-report